Sep 10, 2019

All About Reading 1

Teaching a child to read used to terrify me. I don't have any formal training in how to do this and I have never taught a child to read from scratch. When I started to homeschool my son already had the basic knowledge on how to read. My daughter, Haddy, has never gone to public school. Teaching her to read is all being done by me. Thankfully I found a curriculum that had everything done for me and all I needed to do was open and go.

All About Reading 1

All about reading is what I'm using to teach my child to read. I am thrilled to be sharing this with you and tell you how much we have been enjoying it. The curriculum tells you everything you need to know and includes tips along the way. After the first few lessons, you will get the basic flow of how this curriculum works. You can easily split lessons up if you or your child needs to. This curriculum caters to all learning styles such as visual, verbal, and physical.

Materials Included

Here are all the things you can expect to get when purchasing the full All About Reading 1 kit.

  • Teacher Manual 
  • Student activity book in full color
  • Three hardcover readers in full color
  • Reading review box with dividers
  • Letter tiles and magnets
  • Tote bag
Other kits are available if you don't need everything mentioned above. To find out the other options you can view the website here. 


 When you first get the curriculum you will need to do some prep work. The curriculum comes with flashcards and letter tiles. You need to place a magnet on the backs of the tile and punch out the flashcards that have perforated edges. This didn't take me long to do and it was a fun little activity I did with my 15yr old. After all the prep work is done there isn't much else to prep when doing the lessons. All you need to do is grab your materials and you are set.

My Thoughts

This curriculum is working perfectly for my 6yr old. I am thrilled with the quality of everything because I will be using this set for my toddler one day when she is old enough. This set can easily be passed down for years if you have multiple children who will be using it. All About Reading is one of those classic materials that tend to be a favorite amongst many homeschoolers. It's no wonder why, this curriculum makes teaching a child easy and makes learning to read fun for the child. I can't recommend this curriculum enough. If you interested in this curriculum you can find it by clicking here. This particular level is also found in the full curriculum kit by Timberdoodle for Kindergarten. I hope you found this review to be helpful and I would love to hear your thoughts on this curriculum. Leave me a comment below. 

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  1. We are loving All About Reading Pre-Reading and I'm really looking forward to continuing with level 1!


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